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Press Coverage User Reviews

Press Coverage

Thanks for keeping instant photography alive with us!

Mint SLR670M Camera Review
Francisco Chavira
28, Jul 2016

Let me start by saying this. The SLR670M is truly my favorite integral camera ever made and I can’t believe we have lived without it for this long.

MiNT SLR670m Review
Justin Molina
14, Jan 2016

For me, the biggest selling point on this camera is it’s versatility. The SLR670m, due to is manual controls can use both SX-70 and 600 film types with it. You can go an entire day, in all types of light and only need one polaroid camera. Just make sure you bring both film stocks to cover your day. rn rn rn rn This is especially appealing because carrying around both an SX-70 and an SLR680 in my bag was rather cumbersome, especially considering the size of the 680. That sonar and flash combo can take up quite a bit of room. With the SLR670m, you have your one and only go to Polaroid camera.

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