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Polaroid Film Shield

Polaroid Film Shield



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SX-70 Film Shield – for all Polaroid folding cameras

The Polaroid Film Shield attaches to your Polaroid SX-70, SLR-680 and SLR670-S folding camera, automatically shielding your photos from light as they are ejected. This reusable device improves the results you can achieve with the Polaroid film line and still allows your camera to be closed when attached.

• Compatible with all folding SX-70/SLR cameras
• Better protection for your photos against UV light

Keep Instant Photography Alive MINT CAMERA

Film is sensitive to light, especially during the first 10 seconds of the development process. Immediately shielding the photo from light as it is ejected is crucial – otherwise your photos will emerge overexposed and lacking contrast. If you don’t want to worry about covering your film up quickly with each shot, there’s a simple way to protect your photos from light: the Polaroid film shield.




Photo: @tillglaeser, Simon Yan@dade_stru & @tedmead13

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