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2.0 Bright Screen Upgrade Kit

2.0 Bright Screen Upgrade Kit



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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do not recommend attempting this replacement on your own. Approach a trained electrician to perform this upgrade.

When we put out the original TL70, we were amazed by the response we received from our customers and the instant film community as a whole. The positive reaction was more than we could have hoped, which inspired us to think about how we could improve the TL70 in the future. When we introduced the TL70, we realized that the new features took the camera to a whole new level and now we want to give the original owners of the TL70 a chance to upgrade their camera to the 2.0.

The Fresnel Viewfinder of the TL2.0 gives its users an image that is 5x brighter and a clearer view than the 1.0. Shooting becomes much easier with this upgrade, especially in dim light conditions.

You can purchase this TL70 Upgrade Kit and send us your camera for a professional re-service. Simply shoot us an email before shipping your camera to us. If you’re located outside of Hong Kong, contact your local MiNT dealer. You only need to purchase the Upgrade Kit – the upgrade service is free of charge.

This kit contains:

One (1) TL70 skin

One (1) TL70 2.0 screen

One (1) screwdriver

One (1) discharge pen Camera screws (5 types, 12 pieces)

One (1) installation manual.

[video] Let us walk you through the upgrade process in this quick video tutorial. »




Photo: @simonesavo, @annehollond@sabine.gassner@alsaldivar@kppkelvin, Sergio Buss & @homobot.cz

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