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MiNT Timepiece: OneThirtyFive

MiNT Timepiece: OneThirtyFive



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A New Timepiece Inspired by Photography

OneThirtyFive - This is an homage to 135mm film - a classic among those who start their journey into photography. The film negative is a indisputable cornerstone in photography and it helped in form this design: a silver watch case with a black face, matched carefully the black straps. A perfect companion to have for day to day life: just like 135 film.

Timepiece wanderer

The minimalist design of our timepieces paired with their extraordinary versatility allows you to wear them in any setting - formal work settings or out in the world hunting for that perfect shot.

We’re big fans of versatility and the need for change: purchase today and we’ll include an extra strap of a different color for free. Each strap has quick-release spring bars, so you can switch them out easily whenever you want – without needing any tools. Mix and Match to fit any outfit. Get yours now to enjoy the limited time offer!

InstantFlex TL70 instant film camera and TL70 lens set  InstantFlex TL70 instant film camera and sample shot  Travelling in Africa with InstantFlex TL70 instant film camera

Look out from the viewfinder of InstantFlex TL70 instant film camera  InstantFlex TL70 instant film camera and sample shot  Taking selfie with InstantFlex TL70 instant film camera

Travelling with InstantFlex TL70 instant film camera  Travelling with InstantFlex TL70 instant film camera  Knolling of InstantFlex TL70 instant film camera and other daily belonging


Case size: 45mm

Case thickness: 8.5mm

Movement: Japanese Quartz Movement

Strap: Genuine leather strap

Strap width: 24 mm

Water resistance: 3 ATM

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