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MiNT's Finest - Gold [SLR670-S (Type i)]

MiNT's Finest - Gold [SLR670-S (Type i)]


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MiNT's Finest - Gold

InstantFlex TL70 2.0 and SLR670-S (Type i)

Get your InstantFlex TL70 2.0 and SLR670-S Vintage Polaroid Camera

Timeless yet innovative.

We proudly present to you the finest of MiNT. These two extraordinary cameras each represent months of research and development, plus hours of sweat and labor to make. These flagships are compatible with two different film formats for the best of both worlds. Capturing moments with these beautiful instruments is an experience you will not regret.

Repairing vintage polaroid cameras

Obtaining the best image of both film formats

Sample shots by TL70 and SLR670-S Vintage Polaroid Camera

Browse TL70 2.0 official page »

SLR670 type i camera

SLR670 (Type i) camera is compatible with all types of films including SX-70, 600, and i-Type films.

The SLR670 is compatible with SX-70 and 600 films. But the SLR670 (Type i) offers an extra option of film choice – it can also use Polaroid's i-Type film (even better!). This means that you can take advantage of the latest advancements in instant film technology, including improved color saturation and faster development times!

SLR670 type i camera

Review of Polaroid SX-70 type camera: SLR670-S

Browse the SLR670-S (Type i) page »

Get it now! Let these timeless cameras be part of your camera collection.

MiNT's Finest Collection [Gold] includes:

1. InstantFlex TL70 2.0

2. MiNT SLR670-S (Type i)

The default option comes with black skins. Please write down in the remarks section if you prefer the brown skins.

3. MiNT Flash Bar 2

4. InstantFlex TL70 Lens Set

5. Color i-Type film x 1

6. B&W i-Type film x1

7. Fujifilm Instax mini color film x1

8. Fujifilm Instax mini Monochrome film x1

The actual packaging of film may differ from the image shown.

Click here for the Platinum collection.

Including all our bestselling accessories

Mint Flash Bar 2 for Vintage Polaroid Cameras

Mint Flash Bar 2 for your old Polaroid cameras

Make Ordinary Days Extraordinary with your TL70 and SLR670-S Vintage Polaroid Cameras

Enjoy shooting with my Vintage Polaroid Cameras

  Start your instant journey with an old Polaroid camera  

This is my favourite vintage Polaroid camera    


Photo: @simonesavo@street.silhouettes, @homobot.cz, @theanalogueproject@theanalogueproject, @alsaldivar, @annehollond & @dade_stru

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