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Unlimited Free Films Movement

Unlimited Free Films Movement


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Keep Instant Photography Alive MINT CAMERA

∞ Unlimited Free Films Movement for RF70 and TL70 users

*** The like requirement is waived for the first pack of film, so ACT NOW!

Unlimited Free Films Movement

THANK YOU...for being part of the MiNT camera community. We have always been trying to bring positive change to instant photography. From providing warranty and repair for your Polaroid cameras to developing awesome accessories for them. Today, we want to take it a step further by supporting you with unlimited free films after you get the MINT camera: RF70 or TL70.

Once you have bought an InstantFlex TL70 or InstantKon RF70 camera, you can enjoy unlimited free films!

How to get the free films:  

1. First, email to abc@mint-camera.com with your Instagram or Facebook ID and the camera's serial number to get approval.

2. Post your adventures with the camera and tag @mintcamera on Instagram / any groups or personal posts on Facebook.

(For hashtag requirements, please check the rules below.)

3. As a token of appreciation, we will send you a pack of free film for every 5 qualifying photos (Reels accepted).

4. Please send us the links you got by the end of the month with your shipping information. We will calculate the total amount of free films and send it to you right away.

Qualifying examples:




Photo: @urielmateosphoto, @slovakapolka_travel@aalex.w, @romain_sandt, @kaltz1029 & @jonb_photo, @veko.slav, @polaroidsofseb and @tress_passing

#RF70, #TL70


RF70 or TL70 must be shown in the image clearly.

Each post must have 60+ likes / loves.
Only 1 qualifying post will be counted per day. (24 hours after the previous post)
Identical photos are ineligible.

Please redeem your posts within 40 days starting from the date of posting.

Each camera can be registered once and non-transferable.

We are streamlining our camera offerings, and, SF70 will no longer be available. The associated promotional plan (UFF) for SF70 will conclude in 2024. We sincerely appreciate your support throughout the years.

Hashtag requirements:

On Instagram:

- If you are sharing RF70 photos, please hashtag: #RF70 & #MintCamera & #mintforphotographers

- If you are sharing TL70 photos, please hashtag: #TL70 & #MintCamera & #MakeOrdinaryDaysExtraordinary

On Facebook:

You don't need hashtags. Just mention the name of the camera (RF70 or TL70).


1) How long does UFF last for? 
UFF has no ending time. The more you shoot, the more you gain.

2) Is it worldwide? Do I have to pay for shipping?
Yes, this movement is worldwide. MiNT bears the shipping. It’s totally free!

3) Can l post more than 5 pictures each month?
Sure! Please keep sharing your nice pictures with us. Kindly be reminded only 1 qualifying post will be counted per day.

4) Can I register both my facebook and Instagram account ? 
You can only register either facebook or Instagram account with each camera.

5) Which type of film will l get for my UFF program?
Share the photos of TL70 to get Instax Mini Film; Share the photos of RF70 to get Instax Wide Film.

6) When will I receive my free films?
We will send free films at the end of every month. Please send us the links you got by the end of the month with your shipping information.

There are no strings attached.

*** The like requirement is waived for the first pack of film, so ACT NOW!

They have got their free films! What are you waiting for?




P.S. You are qualified to join the movement no matter when or where you bought your RF70 and TL70.

*MiNT Camera reserves the right to forfeit the users eligibility to participate in this program and reject the posts violating the qualifying requirements above.

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