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What payment methods can I use?
We made payment as easy as possible. Online, you can use credit card, PayPal, or Alipay. If you are in Hong Kong, we also accept bank transfer at Hang Seng or Bank of China. If you’re visiting our store in person, we accept: Cash, VISA, Mastercard and EPS.
Can I order online?
Yes! We ship world wide – once we’ve confirmed your payment, your purchase will be shipped out the next working day. You’ll be updated with a tracking number and link via email afterwards. If you have any questions about the item you’re interested in, our representatives will answer your inquiries here.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs vary depending on region – but we make it easy to find out how much it costs to ship to you. Fill in your address on 'Delivery' in your shopping cart and proceed to the next step – you will now see a shipping price. Please note that certain countries require buyers pay import duties and VAT on their orders upon passing through customs – these taxes are from your government and cannot be avoided, so please check with your local customs office for an estimate of the cost. Our prices do not reflect these additional costs and MiNT is not responsible for paying them.
Do you have special offers or promotions available?
From time to time, we send exclusive offers to our customers. VIP members receive consistent discounts on our website, while those who Subscribe to our newsletter hear about our special bundles and offers first! Subscribe to our newsletter so you’re not missing out – or read this to learn about our previous offers.
What are the shipping charges?
As you go through the checkout process, the shipping cost will be automatically generated when you enter your address. We generally offer free shipping on cameras – but please be aware that possible import duties and VAT could be charged by your local customs: these are solely the buyer’s responsibility, so please check your local customs office to get an estimate of the cost.
Which delivery companies do you use?
We ship orders via Hong Kong SpeedPost (EMS) or E-express service – however, you are welcome to choose other couriers such as: DHL / FEDEX / UPS. Extra cost applies when using couriers other than EMS.
How long does it take for my order to arrive?
We always try to process your orders as immediately as possible. Depending on your location and customs clearance, your parcel may take 3-14 business days to arrive.
How to check my order status?
You will receive a tracking number after the order is shipped. This way you are able to follow your shipment from us all the way to your doorstep.
How do I become a VIP?
To become a VIP, simply purchase a camera from us (directly at our store or online)!
What does MiNT offer to VIPs?
Our VIP membership is life-long and includes the following:

- Discounts on films/accessories/cameras
- Priority on repairs
- Priority on workshops
- Priority on limited products
- Exclusive offers

VIP membership provides our customers with discounts and advance notice on new products, offers and discount deals. These are great long term benefits for hobbyists and professionals so it’s an easy choice to make regardless of you experience level.
How do I get a discount?
Simply checkout with the email you used to purchase your MiNT camera and the discount will be applied automatically once your email is added to our VIP database. Customer VIP status takes about a week to update within our database. If you became a VIP recently, contact us directly at info@mint-camera.com to get the advertised VIP price for your order.
How can I get a 1 year free warranty plan for my camera?
All MiNT SX-70 cameras come with a 1 year warranty so that you can focus on taking great photos without worrying about the camera. You can service your camera free of charge if it is within the warranty period. You can also extend your warranty. Should you have any questions, please leave us a message using this form.
My camera is not working properly. What can I do?
If your camera is still under warranty then we’ll fix it free of charge under any condition. If you are outside of the warranty period, you will be charged an initial HKD300 checking fee [check conversion rates for an estimate in your local currency].
How much do I need to pay for each part?
After we have received the initial checking fee, we will assess the camera and give you a precise cost for the repair. The HKD300 checking fee will be deducted from the total cost of the repair (so you will not be overcharged).
Can I ship my camera to MiNT for repair?
Sure! We’re always happy to help. Before you do so, contact us via email. Include the following:
- Camera type
- Problems the camera is experiencing
- Photos of the pictures taken by the camera (illustrating the problem).
- Photos of the camera itself to get an idea of the overall condition.

We will give you detailed instructions in our response.
How long does it take to repair my camera?
Usually, it takes 10+ working days to complete repairs but this is depends on the issues and volume of repair requests we receive for different cameras. In some cases, it can take 2-3 weeks. You will be informed before we open up your camera. All fixed cameras will have a one month warranty on the repaired parts.
What does one-year-warranty include?
The MiNT warranty includes cleaning and repair service without any charge during the warranty period.
What is so special about MiNT certified cameras?
In 2009, MiNT hired a team of retired Polaroid technicians to restore broken Polaroid cameras and maintain them. Since then, we’ve also noticed that many SX-70s which appear to work fine are actually showing their age and reaching the end of their lifespans. Since then, we’ve begun restoring and cleaning every camera before we place them in the hands of their new owner. Every camera you find at MiNT has been carefully restored and certified by an expert, guaranteed to work and arrives in exceptional condition – earning the right to be considered a “MiNT” camera. Our specialists are absolute professionals and we’re enthusiastic about what they bring to the table – so you can rest easy knowing that such an experienced team is working to give you the best product on the market.
Who restores the SX-70 cameras at MiNT ?
We have our own in-house camera repair team. Each of our camera specialists has over 10 years of experience working on cameras – some of them even worked for Polaroid back in the day!
How do I extend warranty?
Of course – you can simply purchase the MiNT Care Plan for HKD400 [or equivalent in your local currency]. Alternatively, for in-store purchases only: buy any 3 packs of Polaroid Originals film and add HKD150 to extend your warranty for a year.

If your warranty has expired beyond 1 year, you can still renew it for HK$500.
Beginner's Guide
Which type of film should I choose?

Different cameras take different films, so here’s a quick list:


SX-70 camera:

1. Color 70

2. B&W 70


SX-70 + ND filter / Mint Flash Bar 2:
1. Color 600

2. B&W 600


600 Type Camera:

1. Color 600

2. B&W 600


MiNT SLR670-S:

1. Color 70

2. B&W 70

3. Color 600

4. B&W 600


InstantFlex TL70:

1. Instax Color

2. Instax B&W

*Enjoy Umlimited Free Films


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How to control the lighten/darken wheel?
This can be frustrating at first, but once you know the trick, you’ll know it forever. Here you go:

sx-70 lighten darken

I already chose the right film. How come my photos still come out blurry and yellow?
In most cases, this issue comes down to lighting. SX-70 cameras have a low ISO (ISO100), so it requires a lot of light to take good photos – especially when in doors. The Mint Flash Bar 2 can solve the problem.
How to store the photos and films?
When the photo ejects from your camera, it’s critical to shield the film from sunlight in those first few seconds (to prevent over-exposing the photo). It’s best to let the photos develop in dark or low light environment as well. For B&W pictures, it is highly advisable to shield it from strong sunlight. Store unopened packs of film in the fridge, but do not put the film in the freezer. When you’re planning to take some photos, remove the pack from the fridge and allow it to adjust to room temperature for around an hour before use.
Get support
Online enquires?
Ask questions in the form below. We will reply within 24 hours. Or email us via info@mint-camera.com
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Any special courses or workshops for a beginner like me?
Learn more about our workshops here. Also, you can get updates on our official Facebook page.
How can I get help?
Give us a shout in the form below or shoot us an email at info@mint-camera.com


We provide refurbishment, cleaning and maintenance services to all our customers as well as anyone with a vintage SX-70 in need of some help. Our exceptional customer support team will help guide you through the services we offer as well as follow up if you have any problems with a purchase. If you wish to have a body check for your camera, please feel free to bring or ship it to us for checking or repairs.


One year warranty (extendable)

‘MiNT Care’ is our Polaroid camera maintenance program which has been highly praised by the customers who have needed to have their cameras examined. During the warranty period, your camera will be checked and restored to operating condition at no charge to you. That’s how much we believe in the quality of our product. And after the warranty period has expired, you have the option of extending your warranty each year for a small fee. A great camera that includes peace of mind.



If you are not sure whether your Polaroid camera is working properly or not, feel free to bring or ship it to our repair centre for a detailed checking. If you are planning to ship it in, please send us an email to info@mint-camera.com before you do so.


US$39 (Deposit)

When your camera arrives, our repair specialists will perform a thorough examination of your camera. After that, he will contact you to explain which part is defective and give you a detailed quote on what repairing the camera will cost.

Re-skin your camera

US$65 - US$109

Skinning service includes cleaning of the inside and outside of the camera, as well as changing new skins. Synthetic leather will be US$65, and genuine leather will be US$109. You can choose from brown or black for the skins.

SX-70 disassembled

SX-70 Disassembled Diagram

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