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MiNT VIP Membership

VIP membership

After buying your first camera from MiNT, you become a lifelong VIP member!

MiNT Care Plan

MiNT Care Plan

Every camera purchased from MiNT comes with a 1-5 year warranty (depending on the camera). During the warranty period, the camera will be cleaned, checked, and (if needed) repaired at no extra charge.

The best part about our warranty? It’s extendable! Simply purchase the MiNT Care Plan for US$52 to extend the warranty by 1 year. (Alternatively, for in-store purchases only: you can also buy any 3 packs of Polaroid Originals film and add US$20 to extend the warranty.) If your warranty has expired beyond 1 year, you can still renew it for US$65.

Discounts & Priority

Discounts & Priority Service

VIP members qualify for discounts on various products. Just show us your VIP membership card or use the email you registered when you bought your first camera and you’ll enjoy VIP discount!

Additionally, VIPs can enjoy priority access to news on new products in development, limited items, repairs, workshops and exclusive offers.

How to be a VIP

Plan 1 (using SX-70 as an example):

Year 1 Year 2 and onwards

You immediately become a VIP and enjoy 1‑year warranty for your SX‑70

Extend the coverage by either purchasing the MiNT Care Plan (US$52) or buying any 3 packs of film plus US$20 (for in-store purchase only)

Plan 2 (for those who already own a SX-70):

stamp card

Buy film and accessories, and get a stamp card from us. You will become a VIP when you have collected 15 stamps (HKD200 each) at our retail stores.

Shop your SX-70 camera now

Shop your SX-70 camera now

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No questions asked warranty

Lifelong membership & discount

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