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InstantKon RF70 is ...

A camera that offers full control,
but also very easy to use.


We want everyone to experience
the power of instant

Instantkon RF70 instant photo developing

Tangible. Unedited. Real.

We believe in empowering the photographer, by giving control back to the photographer. Like the early vintage polaroids. Just more affordable and accessible.

Imagine what you can create by adding more degrees of freedom. Instead of being confined by the camera, we want you to take control and break the limitations of ordinary cameras.


A monumental leap from the past


SLR670-SShutter control

TL70Aperture control

RF70Shutter control
Aperture control

Stay true to the original

Accordion bellows design

Bellows are a genius invention for photography since it allows a wider shooting angle in compact size without adding weight to the camera. It provides a flexible, dark extension between the film plane and the lens.

We made it for you.

A fruitless search for a bellows maker led us down the path of producing bellows in-house. It turned out to be the best thing that happened. Although every pair of bellows have to be painstakingly handcrafted, they proved to be lightweight and durable, perfect for our meticulously designed camera.


Introducing a
groundbreaking camera

With 10 years of camera-making experience behind us, we are proud to announce our finest Masterpiece.

Its classic leather look, elegant bellows design and nostalgic lever make InstantKon more than just a camera: it’s a whole new experience just waiting for you.

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The instant camera with most possibilities.

Join thousands of #RF70 users from all over the world.
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