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Jerzy Brown 說
First time to visit MiNT physical store! WOW!
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Mar 11th 2019
Wow...haven't been to Hong Kong for many years.

I bought a SLR670-S two years ago from MiNT website. I'm totally obsessed with instant photography and that's why I am a huge fan of MiNT!

MiNT physical store is one of the must-visit places in Hong Kong. No doubt this is a unique and extraordinary place to go if you are a big fan of Polaroid cameras.

I am pleasure to meet their friendly and passionate staff. You can see they love these cameras as much as we do.

The only thing is the store is not easy to find especially for a non-local like me.
If you want to visit them, make sure you call them for more instructions or stick with Google map.

See you soon, MiNT!

Mar 11th 2019
Hi Jerzy,

Happy to see you in MiNT!
Thanks for sharing your collection with us.

Hope to see you again in the future:) Safe flight!
polaroid sx70
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Nov 5th 2014
当时上网突然看见网上一张宝丽来机器图片吸引得一塌糊涂是一台全金的sx-70 alpha1,一下子我就疯狂的在网上看了暴雨pola的资料,当然也很快圆梦存钱拥有我人生中第一台pola机器,走入这不归路。但拍了几盒后发现这原产的相纸因停产非常的贵,开始不太舍得去买相纸,转移收机器,但也很担心收回来的机器后期因高价的原产纸没法继续喂饱它们,但在这焦虑之时庆幸的是突然听到tip要复活呕吐片的消息,当时真的非常兴奋,在第一版测试版本就已经忍不住出手,但当我用了一盒就发现连显影都难,爆浆,山脉,也谈不上见光死了,然后第二版出来也是第一时间支持,但是还是山脉,见光红,(如图一)就算庆幸有无缺角的,也因为温度问题怎张片子出现“消失”的情况,黑白是最严重的。那时彻底被tip的呕吐搞得失望之极,但又想到如果没人去支持,那就彻底完了,这不可能的任务也必须有我们这样疯狂的爱好者去支持才能进步,到了后来的金边锐度和显影缩短到半小时,后期时间慢慢缩短,出了不少美丽动人的框架,都另不少人因此而加入到pola来,mint的70闪灯也为70 棚拍(图2棚拍)做了不少贡献,回电和同步越来越好,这点用过的人都知道,不一一去说了。总结tip相纸的恶心的鸡蛋黄色,我认为是现时必须去解决的,不要一味更新的只是美丽的框架而忽略主要的调子,还是要更接近原产的调子才是关键。其余显影时间和厚度,存放方面,我认为只是时间问题!最后再次感谢mint给予我分享。
Hi Everyone!
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Oct 24th 2014
現在除 iPhone 外,巳很少再用數碼相機;因為菲林的的感覺,拍出來不完美的驚喜正是我現在所追求。但要拍得好總不能亂來,一來菲林有限,二來錢亦有限。所以我會上網看其他大師作品或買參考書來學習一下。


當然有些情況不容你想,因為事物一轉間就過。好的攝影師就是要捕捉這美好瞬間!謝謝每一位到來的朋友及Mint,讓我有機會與大家分享一個奇幻旅程,如果你想看更多我的即影即有作品的話,請於Facebook尋找"SmallPo FAN"!
Lloyd Lau 說
Customer Service with TL70
star star star star star
Dec 31st 2020
My first customer experience sending my TL70 overseas for repair can only be described as impeccable. Had initially screwed up my TL70 rollers trying to get rid of dusts using double-sided tape and a reused instax-mini. With a heavy heart I decided to send it to Mint for repair despite a long expired warranty. In summary, I was given the option to extend warranty for another 5 years and had just received my TL70 back today in Mint condition. Customer service was excellent in attending to my enquiries and providing alternative options, true to the positive reviews and the company's reputation.

Compliments to Mint and their customer service.
Don Gutterson 說
Great service and fast shipping
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Sep 11th 2017
I made a terrible mistake during the purchase, I placed an order for 2 MINT SLR670-S, but actually I only want 1. I sent an email to them at around 11:00pm, and I already got refunded at midnight, that is impressive. But this is not all, I got an email saying the camera was shipped a few hours later, this is superb! Truly appreciate.

I got the camera 2 days later (I have chosen the fast shipping though). The camera is working great, thank you MINT.
Alejandro 說
muy bien
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Mar 5th 2017
10 puntos
Paul Chow
InstantFlex TL70, TL70 Lens Set and 2.0 Glass
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May 31st 2016
Well, since MiNT finally had the product launch today, I guess I'll write a review of the TL70 and accessories upgrade!

I own the 1st generation TL70, and I can tell you that this camera is beautifully designed and made! However, there were some kinks with the camera. I had the problem with the flash sync and everything came out black. I took my camera in the shop to have it repaired. The ground glass was really dark and I had to use the magnifying glass all the time just to focus! However, since I have upgraded to the 2.0 ground glass, I don't need to use that magnifier anymore because the new glass is super bright and clear! Awesome! I would suggest an upgrade of the ground glass, but that's up to you!

What I can sat about the TL70 Lens set is that if you're going to shoot outdoors! You will definitely need this lens set! The reason why, is that it comes with 3 different ND filters to compensate for the bright sun light! As you know? The Fuji instax mini film has the iso at 800 and every pic you take outdoors will be over exposed most of the time including during overcast skies. You can see the over exposed fisheye pic I included. Don't ask me how I took that fisheye pic! Lol.. It's my little secret! Actually not a secret if you have already followed me on instagram! ;) As for the close up lens, that is another awesome lens! You can see the close up of the flower pic! Pretty sharp! What more can I say? Only thing I can say is, MiNT did it again! Awesome!

Ralph Müller 說
Why you should buy camera at Mint, but not ebay?
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Jan 6th 2015
I first encountered SX-70, not long ago, since Aug 2014. Got my camera on ebay and the seller said it’s tested with film and fully functional. However, as soon as I received the parcel, I found that the camera did NOT work. No response at all while pressing shutter button. Bidding on ebay is cheap but you have to take the risk of paying more for repairing. You know the repair cost will not be low when parts are getting rare and there are not many technicians who know how to fix a SX-70.

At the end, I had to take taking my SX-70 to Mint for repair job. If I were to buy the camera from Mint in the first place, I wouldn’t have to pay extra for repair and could have saved more money on films. It is terrific that Mint provides a 1-YEAR-WARRANTY for SX-70s, and a 3-YEAR-WARRANTY for SLR670 cameras! I definitely recommend getting SX-70s from there because it’s worth the price!

Good job Mint!
Johnny Gin 說
A New Lease on Failed Equipment
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Oct 27th 2014
When I first began using instant photographic materials as an alternative process about 8 or 9 years ago, there weren’t many places in town where I could get my equipment checked or repaired. To ensure that I always had properly working equipment on hand I would stock up on different types of instant cameras and accessories to fulfill my photographic (some might say shopaholic) needs. I accumulated more than a few SLR 690s, 680s, Land 180s, Big Shots, among others. Even so, if one of my cameras failed I was left with little choice but to sell it cheaply or donate it to charity.

The emergence of MINT and its skilled technicians has eliminated this expensive and wasteful practice for good. Now I can always count on fast, efficient repair service from expert craftsmen and a friendly staff who will return my cameras in excellent working shape. This is a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly practice that anyone can appreciate. I still buy new cameras occasionally, like the SLR 670 I acquired last year, but it was more for its expanded functionality and aesthetic beauty than as a back-up for ill-functioning old equipment.
Ray Liu
Mint by name, mint by nature
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Oct 9th 2014
I sent my SLR680 (from UK) to be repaired last year and the level of service from MINT was fantastic. The mirror in my camera had dropped and scratched, so I sent it in to get it repaired, and t was also serviced. By serviced, I mean Mint lovingly restored a lot of the essentials like the rollers and parts, and even the plastic casing (mine was far from mint when bought!).

Upon receiving the SLR680 back there was problem arisen from the repair, which meant the manual focusing did not work. Mint were very professional and offered to get it looked at right away, so another repair was needed, which was all paid for including postage. No quibbles.

Due to my highly satisfatory experience, I have since recommended a whole load of other people to repair their SX-70's/SLR680's at Mint, because you know these guys love their Polaroid cameras just as much as we do!