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InstantFlex TL70 Plus

A Brand New Instant Camera
for First-timers and Pros

First-timers +Pros.

The Ultimate Twin Lens Experience For
Newcomers and TL70 Fans

Powerful features. Easy to use.

Packed with powerful features, InstantFlex TL70 Plus is guaranteed to amaze first-timers and TL70 fans alike, making it effortless to capture stunning images. Say goodbye to complex settings and menus - with the TL70 Plus, shooting is a breeze.

The camera boasts a range of new and exciting features that will reignite your passion for instant film photography. Whether you're aiming to capture your daily life or create a unique masterpiece, the TL70 Plus has you covered.

Innovation +Experience.

Head artisan KT check TL70 Plus

Completely new and improved design approach
A supercharged instant camera with twin lenses

Better design starts at the drawing board, TL70 Plus was designed by a new team with a fresh design philosophy, led by MiNT's head artisan. The result is an innovative, intuitive camera that works beautifully. You'll feel the difference immediately when you hold it in your hands.

InstantFlex TL70 Plus viewfinder
InstantFlex TL70 Plus lens

Starting with a whole new faster shutter
Specially designed for square film

Every little detail of the TL70 Plus is designed just for the square film, including the shutter and the lens. The lens is multi-layer coated on all sides.

Specially designed for square film

Day +Night.

InstantFlex TL70 Plus sample shot

Day and night friendly
Designed to be versatile. Shoot anytime, anywhere.

The InstantFlex TL70 Plus camera is designed to be versatile, allowing you to capture stunning photos in a variety of lighting conditions. With manual control over both shutter speed and aperture, you can adjust your settings to get the perfect shot no matter the time of day.

InstantFlex TL70 Plus sample shot

Auto +Manual.

Plus an accurate light meter to match your shooting style
Minus the guesswork

Auto Mode with a built-in light meter carefully tuned for instant film.

Manual Mode to suit every photographer’s unique style and taste.

Now with a powerful OLED that displays the exposure range from -5 to +5, the exact exposure time, and more.

Timeless +Modern.

1:1 cinematic viewfinder
For a beautiful and accurate preview of the scene

One of the most beloved features of the TL70, PLUS takes it a step further with a 33% larger viewfinder to match the square film size, keeping the preview-to-image ratio elegantly at 1:1, and this time even brighter.

Modern OLED display
Subtly placed inside the viewfinder

An unobtrusive display that elegantly blends into the viewfinder so you can focus on the details that matter and ignore the ones that don't.

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Moment +Eternity.

Look at usual things with unusual eyes,

Photo: @myinstantimages, @peraitoviajando & @instax.tom

… and save the blink of an eye for eternity.

The Story Behind.

The InstantFlex TL70 Plus is a story of passion and unwavering dedication to the art of photography. Meet KT, a gifted craftsman with a lifelong passion for cameras. Ever since he was a teenager, he has been fascinated by the art of capturing moments and has spent his life perfecting his craft. As the master artisan at MiNT, he has repaired tens of thousands of Polaroid SX-70 cameras, bringing new life to each one.

But for KT, there was always something missing. He had a lifelong dream of designing a camera of his own, one that would capture the essence of his passion for photography. At 66 years old, with the help of his colleagues at MiNT, he has finally brought that dream to life. He brings you the Ultimate Twin Lens Experience - InstantFlex TL70 Plus.

It's never too late to follow your heart and chase your dreams. And with the InstantFlex TL70 Plus, KT has proved just that.

The Most Powerful
Twin Lens Instant Camera Ever.

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