Last Chance for Early Birds

This is a year of giant leaps forward.

We've been tirelessly working behind the scenes over the past few years.

With our master artisan, the Polaroid SX-70 Doctor, KT leading the charge. Sacrificing even his coffee moments and family days, our team has researched and developed new directions to reinvent and upgrade the existing cameras.

But we didn't stop there. We've also brought in more manpower and ideas to push the boundaries even further. And after countless details, tasks, and tests, we're eager to unveil the hard-won results to you.

If you're on this page, you're already in the know about our latest developments. We're excited to share that a handful of early birds have been raving about our newest release. Check out their reviews below. And if you want to be among the first to get your hands on the TL70 Plus, visit this link:

The early bird offer only lasts until the end of this year.


“I have to say that I am absolutely blown away by the performance of this camera at these apertures. The level of detail in the crops shows that this lens comfortably out resolves the capability of the film. There is NO vignetting! Sharpness is amazing for instant film.

They also show that the focus alignment on this body is outstanding as any slight discrepancy in focus alignment would show up very clearly in images with such shallow depth of field.

Without question, the TL70 Plus is the new king of analog close-up instant film photography.”

Antony Hands.

“Thrilled with how well the new mintcamera #TL70plus does! Shooting a larger than 120 square format print.”

Joshua black wilkins.

“I'm really impressed with the TL70 Plus! The metering system is so accurate, which makes it a reliable tool for taking instant photos. And I love how portable it is - I can easily take it with me on my bike, and I've been able to capture the beauty of my surroundings. Plus, I got some brilliant pictures of the cherry blossoms in full bloom.”

Terrin Ng.

“Double, triple, quadruple, multiple exposures on #TL70Plus”


TL70 Plus カメラは、富士山への旅行で多くの重要な瞬間を捉えるのに役立ちました。優秀なカメラです!

河野 天平.

We took some close-up shots with the TL70 Plus and used the built-in meter. The TL70 Plus is super sharp, it's amazing!

Damian & Sandra.

“I have been testing the InstantFlex TL70 Plus for a few months. The new instant camera from Mint has many improvements compared to the previous version (TL70 2.0, which I own). It uses Instax Square films (larger than Instax Mini) and offers full control over exposure values, in addition to having a small screen that provides all the necessary information for capturing photos!” (translated from Italian)

Playerdue Lighting (Blog | YouTube)

“Surreally sharp! This photo was taken without the closeup filter.”

Bruno Marin.