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InstantFlex TL-70
With a design rooted in the classic twin lens camera, the TL70 is an engineering masterpiece that effortlessly combines elegance and functionality. Experience the thrill of picking up this camera for the first time – professionally designed for photographers of any level.

Complimentary pack of instax mini film when purchasing an InstantFlex TL70. Offer ends Jul 22.

InstantFlex TL-70 test shot
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An ordinary camera takes a picture – but an extraordinary camera captures the moment/experience.

InstantFlex TL70

Whether you’re exploring the busy streets of a foreign city, celebrating a wedding with old friends or even just having drinks with new ones – the TL70 is the perfect companion for your journey. Easy to carry, fast to use and sure to put smiles on other people’s faces.



Enjoy Unlimited Free Films once you have bought a TL70. You won't need to spend a single penny on films anymore. Find out more »


A timeless camera stands the test of time.



Designed for every adventure. Made to make memories last.


Make a statement of friendliness with class.


It takes your imagination to the next level in an instant.


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