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    360 click & drag
    TL70 sketch
    timeless humanistic creativity
    We’ve stayed true to the original twin lens design by preserving the best features of the legendary camera.
    Our main consideration during the design process was how best to facilitate your interaction with the camera, and how the camera lets you interact with other people.
    The TL70 leverages its unique features to unleash your creativity. It is your perfect companion for artistic expression through instant photography.
    Classic Aesthetics Modern Functionalities
    We reimagined every element of the classic TLR and made TL70 the most user-friendly TLR available.
    tl70 outlook
    Designed for an unforgettable shooting experience
    A well-designed camera aims to bring out the best photography in you. But it can also make you fall in love with the entire shooting experience.

    The viewfinder uses a bright anti-glare coated glass pane that yields a cinematic view of the world.
    The perfect addition to your camera life
    The TL70 fits perfectly into your camera bag. Everything from the focus knob to the built-in flash is designed to save precious space. It is the ideal companion for your photographic journey.
    Superior engineering to maxmize image quality
    With InstantFlex TL70, we eschewed the conventional standards of instant cameras, and imagined the benefits of adapting traditional camera design to an instant camera. Here are two features we included:

    3-element lens

    To maximize light transmission and improve image quality, we applied a magnesium fluoride optical coating to the front element. This anti-reflection feature enables you to get the most from your images.

    5-leaf shutter

    Most instant cameras use only two shutter blades. The TL70 uses five. This 5-leaf shutter hands you complete control over your aperture for a greater range of creative expressions.
    Amazing Features. Surprisingly Simple.
    Shoot indoors with the built-in flash. Turn it off to set a mood. Play with the wide range of apertures without worrying about metering. The TL70 is designed to be the most versatile instant camera, yet so simple to use.
    TL70 with a built-in flash

    Built-in flash

    Indoor photography is a joy with this built-in flash. It can also be switched off at the press of a button.

    Ambient light meter

    The built-in light meter detects ambient light to ensure proper exposure. No manual metering is required.


    The B Mode keeps the shutter open for long exposures, to create mesmerizing night shots and light painting.
    night sample
    Get close. Now closer.
    Get intimate with your subject – up to 48cm (18.89 inches) closest focusing distance. Obtain the most favourable composition that you want.
    traditional TLR close up sample
    Instantflex TL70 close up sample
    * Referring to Rolleiflex 3.5F
    Aperture control in an instant camera! The result? Dazzling!

    Aperture control gives the TL70 its amazing versatility to produce mesmerizing depth of field. Create the spatial levels incredibly on images with the largest aperture f/5.6 among all instant cameras!

    aperture range f/5.6, f/8, f/16, f/32, f/bokeh
    aperture 5.6 sample shot InstantFlex TL70
    More than meets the eye
    Multiple exposures, light painting, and bokeh effects are just the appetizers. Use your photographic eye to discover a new world of image possibilities. The InstantFlex TL70 offers a shooting experience that will amaze you time after time.

    EV +/-

    There may be times when you wish to over- or under-expose the photo for a desired effect. You can achieve this by changing the shutter speed by one full stop using the EV switch.
    EV+ EV-
    Want more? Dive in.
    We've hidden an easter egg in every camera. A unique
    non-circular aperture is included as f/bokeh in every camera.
    Want an element of surprise? We dare you to find out.
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